How to become a member of ATHMSI

Membership Benefits:
For individuals, institutions, NGOs interested in medicinal plants and ethnomedicines/ethnoveterinary medicines and Cooperative Farmers’ Associations engaged with Production of small and large animals, free subscription of our journal will be available for partial downloads while full subscription will enjoy full download of relevant information and data.

Membership Qualification:
BSc, MSc, OND, HND, Diplomas, PhD, MBBS, Certified TMPS etc

Completing an application form online or use the contact us page or email.

Members are expected to contribute to the development and growth of ATHMSI.

Consensus Building:
Consensus on the activities of ATHMSI will be based on the results of scientific evaluation of its activities.

A member wishing to resign would address a email/letter of resignation stating the reasons for this to the CEO through the Secretary (contact email)

Expulsion or Suspension:
A member may be expelled or suspended from ATHMSI for an inappropriate behaviour that could bring the organization into disrepute or uses the organizations property or name or logo without the permission of the organization.